Julie Zuzek

Love, Family, Health, Growth, Impact

I’m able to listen at supersonic levels and always hear what clients are too scared to say out loud.

Small talk, spending time with unconscious people, complaining.

Learning, growing, family, yoga, reading, travel, soulful conversations and authentic people.

  • The Corporate Yogi has been operating successfully and transforming clients around the world since 2011
  • I’ve spent over 6,000 hours coaching professionals in all different industries
  • I spent 15 years working in B2B marketing for high-growth technology companies before transforming into a coach
  • I moved to Vancouver for school and lived there for 11 years
  • I lived/worked in England for three years and travelled throughout Europe
  • I’ve been publishing the Corporate Yogi podcast since 2015 and have hundreds of episodes
Life Philosophy

Just like diamonds are formed at high temperature and pressure, so too are great leaders.

Purpose Statement

I help leaders who have everything yet feel nothing.

Training + Certification

I hold a BA Communications from Simon Fraser University and an Internet Marketing Certificate from UBC. I did my coach training at CTI (the Co-active Training Institute) in New York and I’m certified through ICF (the International Coaches Federation).

✓ Leadership Circle - Certified to deliver the 360-degree assessment tool

✓ CRR Global - Trained in Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching

✓ Career LifeSkills - Certified to deliver Personality Dimensions assessment tool

Eastern Wisdom and Training

✓ My business experience is balanced with eastern training in Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation.

✓ Teach Yoga U.K. - Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher (200-hour program)

✓ Hot Yoga Training in Los Angeles - Certified 26 x 2 Hot Yoga Teacher

✓ Ayurveda Yoga Retreat - Ayurveda Level-1 Training

✓ Vipassana Meditation Training - Completed five x 10-day Vipassana Retreats

✓ Reiki Level-1 Training Course

✓ Reflexology Training Course

My Story

I know what it’s like to reach a point in your career where you have everything and feel unfulfilled. It’s an overwhelming feeling of “now what?” You did what you were supposed to, played by the rules and ticked all the boxes, so why does it feel so empty inside? It all came to a head for me during the September 2008 credit crisis when the illusion of money and corporate power came crumbling down. I witnessed previously stable and highly-admired members of our business community lose their job and identity, and they started to unravel. In extreme examples, bankers took their own lives. And I can only deduce they felt lost without the status, money and power of their high-paying jobs.

I wish I could say this was the only time in my life when I witnessed professionals become overwhelmed and ultimately taking their own lives, but sadly it wasn’t. There were two other instances where colleagues committed suicide. It breaks my heart to remember them and their families. And while we’ll never know exactly what was going on in their minds, I try to piece together the datapoints to understand why. There were many common themes – being in high-profile positions with heaps of responsibility, facing major changes to their role or scope of work and most importantly, not having a peer network where they could confess their overwhelm or ask for help. Regardless of their specific reasoning or life situation, I know my stance on this situation, it is never acceptable for anyone to consider suicide an escape option from a stressful job or project.

After 15 years in business, and becoming numb to the endless examples of addiction, lying, stealing, infidelity, burnout and implosion, I realized that maybe my dirty secret of being spiritual and my obsession with personal growth didn’t making me an outlier or a misfit. I started to think these were actually the main things keeping me sane and grounded amid the chaos, addiction and excess. I realized that investing in personal growth wasn’t so fringe and my focus on self-awareness and personal fulfillment was exactly what the soulless corporate world needed most. It was the yin to the yang of the business world, which operates on external power, public opinion and material excess.

So, in 2011 I quit my full-time corporate job and took a year off to reinvent as a coach and launch the Corporate Yogi. I remember my boss asking me, “What are you going to do Julie, become a waitress?” His concern was understandable. Why would any sane person walk away from a cushy job, amazing salary and excellent perks? The answer was simple, to find fulfillment and actually make a difference in the world. I’d spent 15 years in marketing for tech companies, and while I was good at it and had a big impact, it no longer felt satisfying. Quitting on the spot was a little drastic and some thought naive, but it all worked out. Beyond my wildest dreams actually. I now have a thriving global community of clients and loyal podcast listeners. And I know that I’m making a massive, positive impact. Proving once again, the risk is always worth it!

Best Life Advice

You can never put a price on your freedom.

Favourite Quotes

You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.
~ Jon Kabat-Zinn

No mud, no lotus.
~ Thich Nhat Hanh

I am most admired for...

My courage, risk taking, creativity, empathy and doing hard things.

I’m most misunderstand for...

My introversion and lack of need to be around others. If someone isn’t growth-minded and self-aware, I prefer to be alone.

I am most proud of...

  1. The complete transformation my clients go through; they always leave as different people.
  2. My podcast, which allows me to inspire and teach others around the world. I know not everyone can afford coaching, so the podcast allows me to curate the biggest lessons and best tips from my clients and share them.
  3. All the retreats I’ve hosted. Although retreats don’t fit into my current product offerings, I’m humbled and elated they had such a massive impact on all who attended.

Biggest fear

Being average and not feeling like I made a difference at the end of this life.

My growth areas:

I keep score and hold grudges. But I am compassionately learning to let go.


  • I learn more from my clients than they learn from me.
  • I’m often a puddle of emotions when I complete an engagement with a client. After working together for years, we develop a really strong bond. And while it’s a proud moment to reflect on their growth, it’s also sad to see them leave the nest.

Other random facts

  • I remember every conversation and every detail. Trust me, it’s sometimes super annoying.
  • Ran a marathon in 2012 and as I crossed the finish line I vowed to never run again.
  • Played Rugby in University.

Favourite Sport

Yoga ~ it’s the introvert’s team sport.

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